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Full name: Farahnaz Title: Princess of Iran (Her Royal Highness/Valahazrat) Born: Teheran, Persia/Iran, March 12th 1963 Parents: Shah Mohammmed Reza Pahlavi of Persia (1919-1980) and 3) 1959, Farah Diba (1938) Brothers: Reza II Cyrus (1960, married) and Ali Reza (1966) Sister: Leila (1970-2001) Half-sister: Shahnaz (1940) - daughter of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and 1) Princess Fawzia of Egypt Education and work: Niavaran Special School, Teheran - primary school (1970-1978); Ether Walker School, Simsbury, Connecticut, USA - high school (10 September 1979-30 May 1980); Cairo American College, Cairo, Egypt - high school (1980-1981); Bennington College, Vermont, USA - under graduate (1982-1984); Columbia University, New York - BA in social studies (1984-1986); Columbia University, New York - major in child psychology school of social works (1988-1990); Helps to run the Mihan Foundation; She works in a hospital. Hobbies: Reading. Further facts: Lives in New York .

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