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Princess Fadia Farouk

HRH Princess Fadia Farouk (15 December 1943 – 28 December 2002) was the youngest daughter of the late King Farouk of Egypt and his first wife, the former Queen Farida. When her father was deposed during the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, the Princess was sent to boarding school in Switzerland. There, she studied painting and became an accomplished equestrian.
On 17 February 1965, she married Pierre Alexievitch Orloff, a Swiss geologist and descendant of the Russian Royal Family, at the Kensington Registry Office, in London. He converted to Islam, taking the name Sa'id Orloff. They have two sons, Michael-Shamel and Alexander-Ali. The Princess worked as a translator for the Swiss Ministry of Tourism, being fluent in French, English, Italian and Spanish.
Princess Fadia died in Lausanne, Switzerland and was buried in Cairo, Egypt

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