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Princess Ferial Farouk

HRH Princess Ferial Farouk (also Farial, Feryal: ‎; b. 17 November 1938 – 29 November 2009 was the eldest child of Egypt's penultimate monarch, King Farouk. Her birth was marked by nationwide celebratory events which included the distribution of clothes and free breakfasts to thousands of the poor. In addition, each of the 1,700 families of the infants born on the same day were given one Egyptian pound, which was a large sum at that time. At the time of her birth, King Farouk was eighteen years of age and his wife, Farida of Egypt, was seventeen. Princess Ferial was later joined by two more sisters, Princesses Fawzia and Fadia. In search of an heir, King Farouk divorced Queen Farida in 1949 and married Narriman Sadek. That marriage produced Fouad II, Ferial's half-brother and last King of Egypt. In 1952, the Revolution by the Free Officers sent the Royal Family into exile in Italy. Princess Ferial and her sisters were educated privately, and then at Grand Verger Finishing School in Lutry, Switzerland. In 1966, she married a Swiss man, Jean-Pierre Perreten, at Westminster, London. They had one daughter, Yasmine Perreten-Shaarawi, in 1967, but they later divorced. She did not remarry Princess Ferial died in a hospital on 29 November 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland, where she had been receiving treatment for stomach cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2002

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