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Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi

Full name: Ali Reza Title: Prince of Iran (His Royal Highness/Valahazrat) Born: Teheran, Persia/Iran, April 28th 1966 Parents: Shah Mohammmed Reza Pahlavi of Persia (1919-1980) and 3) 1959, Farah Diba (1938) Brother: Reza II Cyrus (1960, married) Sisters: Farahnaz (1963) and Leila (1970-2001) Half-sister: Shahnaz (1940) - daughter of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and 1) Princess Fawzia of Egypt Education: Lyc�e Razi, Teheran (1970-1974) and Niavaran Palace school, Teheran (1974-1979) - primary school; St. David�s School, New York City , USA(1979-1980) - secondary school; American College, Cairo, Egypt (1980-1981) - high school; Mt. Greylock Regional High School, Williamstown Massachusetts, USA (1981-1984) - high school; Princeton University (1984-1988) - B.A. in music and ethnomusicology; Columbia University, New York (1988-1992) - M.A. Ancient Iranian Studies; Harvard University - PhD in ancient Iranien studies and philology. Hobbies: sky diving, scuba diving, reading, flying. Personality: intelligent, sensitive, loyal, dedicated to Iranian civilization, family and friends, great sense of humor, Further facts: in 2001 he became engaged to Sara Tabatabai, but it seems the relationship ended some time afterwards death : January 4, 2011, it was reported that Ali-Reza Pahlavi committed suicide in his Boston apartment..

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